gixi_ninja (gixi_ninja) wrote in powerfic,

When the Plum Blossoms Bloom Chapter 17

Author: gixi_ninja
Fandom: Original, sequel to Under the Dragon's Claw
Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Chapter: 15
Pairings: M/M
Contains: slavery, hurt/comfort, action/adventure, politics, references to past torture.
Beta: Avoliot
Warnings: This is loosely set in a historical-AU Ancient China. There may be references to classical texts and historical events but timelines may be scrambled.
Feedback: Yes please!
Shun and Lan journey back to Yangnan to find Shun's mother and then to disappear from the entanglements of the court of Jin. However, forces are already in work against them and they may already be in too deep in the politics of Jin. Why did the Grand Duke keep Lan alive? Why was Shun targeted? Will they be able to survive the events that are about to unfold?

Chapter 17

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